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Qi Gong

xArt by Saya Behnam
Blush Watercolor
Lana Reed practicing Qi Gong in nature

About Qi Gong

Why This Long-Time Yoga Person Loves Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a 4,000-year-old practice that works directly with the body’s energy like Yoga, in a softer, subtler “yin” sort of way. The result is a clarity and peacefulness that is hard to describe.

It brings more healing energy into the body and most especially into the hands. You can feel it while practicing and you can call on that space when you want to elicit healing energy. You become more aware of the energy in you, around you, and between you and others.

Most importantly, Qi Gong is the epitome of mindful movement.  You are always present to NOW in Qi Gong.  There is never a goal.  It looks and feels like you are moving in slow motion, and that allows you to be present to every single delightful second of your practice, and you may find that you take that peaceful presence with you as you journey through your life.

Qi Gong Foundations

Principles of Qi Gong Practice:

  1. Head is suspended.

  2. Shoulders are dropped, elbows rest below the shoulders.

  3. Space is left in the armpits, like a small cushion of air.

  4. Fingers are relaxed…”beautiful lady’s hands.”

  5. Pelvis is weighted, but not tipped. Slight horse stance if comfortable.

  6. Back is suspended like a string of pearls.

  7. Arms and legs are not locked.

  8. Face and mouth relaxed.

  9. All movement is generated from the pelvis; rest of body follows.

  10. All movement contains curved, spiraling moves.

  11.  All movements are connected fluidly and smoothly, like pulling a silk thread.

  12.  Breath is like a baby’s…rising and falling naturally.

  13.  Attitude is of cheerful tranquility.

  14.  Practice slowly to help lengthen, and then deepen the breath.

  15. There is no goal in Qi Gong.  All moments are equal.

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"If you have a teen, you know that connecting can be challenging.  For the past year, doing Qi Gong together has become a special time for me and my 14-year-old son, who says that he "likes it more than yoga," and that it "disconnects him from regular reality."  I am grateful for Lana’s video classes-- my teen goes into them without having to be convinced of its benefits!"

M. Stonestreet


"I didn’t think anything could help my stress levels while in Graduate School, but your Qi Gong 6-week online series made such a tremendous difference in helping me cope. I felt much more in the flow of things. I am now a huge fan!"

K. McCafferty

Want to Learn More About Qi Gong?

Lana teaches a one-hour weekly Qi Gong class online 45 out of 52 weeks a year.  If you cannot make her live online class, no worries!  Every registrant receives the recording afterwards.

She also offers workshops occasionally and free classes too. Sign up to her mailing list so you’ll be in the loop.


For Lana, it is more important that people are able to experience this wonderful healthy practice of Qi Gong, so her classes are priced at the very lowest end of what might be considered reasonable.

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