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Standing on a Streak of Love

my life is with You live in me in you

come be inside me now i sing for you inspire all songs

no whispers in other rooms can touch me now

my pulse beats songs in my ears of life and love with You

my voice runs through channels of beams of love, through caves

of echos in my head carried by my breathwind

the speed of light comes traveling

You are standing on a streak of love

i open my eyes and see the time is here for striking hour of love

open door dark and dust scatter brilliant sparkling splitting love

all things crystallized now flow

all things solid brick now melt

all things wound tightly tangled now stretch now curve

all muscles are felt

all braincells are unlocked

are given wings

are told the sun is just the beginning

that there are more beyond than beyond

are told that bodies are jobs to be carried out

that the design is loving

is told that words can do this

is told that the song doesn’t end when the singer does

is told that the singer’s end is in body only

that the voice and breath find new homes in higher love, in redder hearts

my life travels to black space and white light and back to You

boomerang curve swiftly running you catch me

and hold me like dear life

You are the spawning ground i return to

whoever is to thank, i thank You


Qi Gong especially for the energy of this poem:


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