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Lost Heaven


Art by Saya Behnam
Lana Reed
Blush Watercolor
Lana Reed

Lana Reed

Long-time yoga professional & certified Qi Gong teacher

Lana loves the way she feels practicing the meditative energy flows that are the signature of Qi Gong. She loves sharing Qi Gong's healing practices that access meridians and pressure points, as well as sharing how to release tension and strong emotions with dynamic Qi Gong movements. 


Under her spiritual name of Shakta Khalsa, Lana has been a world-leader in children's yoga, founder of Radiant Child Yoga training program, author of six well-known books, and long-time Kundalini Yoga teacher.  


Lana loves hanging out at her home in northern Virginia with her husband, her dogs, and her cats. She is grateful to take time for daily walks in the lush forests of  Virginia listening to audiobooks, work with color through painting and drawing and cook delicious vegan food. As a semi-retired senior, she volunteers her time with progressive activist groups, animal rescue groups, and loves to travel to Colorado to visit her wonderful son.

Kartar, Ram Das, Lana with Annie and Zeus
How high can you jump in a business suit?
Qi Gong practice in the woods
Happiness is being silly!
Frog pose from Kundalini Yoga
Once I could carry him....not now!
Our little family, autumn in Virginia
Lisa Danahy, new owner of Radiant Child Yoga and I in Sequoia National Park
One of our memorable Radiant Child Yoga trainings.
Lisa, Jyoti, and I are the dynamic trio organizing yoga certification retreats!
Training students in the joy and method of yoga and mindfulness for children and teens.
Saya Behnam, my good friend and brilliant artist.
My wise and funny Qi Gong teacher, Lee Holden, and me

Saya Behnam

Iranian-American artist who makes her own natural paints from plants.

All of the fine art page headings that you see on Lana's site comes from the genius of her good friend, and well-known artist, Saya Behnam.

Saya is an Iranian-American artist with more than 20 years of experience in fine art. Her art practice is inspired by nature; Her colors are handmade from minerals, fresh or dried flowers, spices, plants, earth stones, and other pigments. 

Permanent collections include installations at The Martin Luther King Jr Library in Washington DC, The Department of Public Works, The DC Commission on the Art and Humanities, as well as other public places.


Fleeing from war, turmoil, revolution, dictatorship, and  cultural barriers, all had a profound influence in Sayeh "Saya" Behnam's art and life. She is active in the social and humanitarian art space, working with NGO's in the Middle East and the USA, especially with street children.


 Her art deals with the core concepts of the human being; life, death, freedom, the now, time and more.


She lives in Virginia, and her studio is at Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA.

Her site:  

Saya Behnam
Saya Behnam

Want to Learn More About Qi Gong?

Lana teaches a one-hour weekly Qi Gong class online 45 out of 52 weeks a year.  If you cannot make her live online class, no worries!  Every registrant receives the recording afterwards.

She also offers workshops occasionally and free classes too. Sign up to her mailing list so you’ll be in the loop.


For Lana, it is more important that people are able to experience this wonderful healthy practice of Qi Gong, so her classes are priced at the very lowest end of what might be considered reasonable.

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