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Head Full of Amazement

“Knowing what is really important is the most important thing I know.”

Says Herself, also known as Head.

She travels along, constantly dumping stuff along the road.

Thoughts like– “I should be doing work instead of enjoying myself.” And…

“People are going to think I am having an on-going senior moment.”

Crash. Crash. Crash…goes the junk

on the highway of Head’s journey.

It feels good to lighten up the load.

As the road trip rumbles on, it becomes apparent that

it is Heart who is at the steering wheel.

Head is the passenger doing all the talking.

Wondering about life, about spirit,

about the difference between how things look to others and how they feel,

and what to follow.

Heart just keeps driving.

Heart—Herself as well,

but more accurately--Herself Supreme,

turns and smiles lovingly at Head.

Then she starts humming.

And then is full-out singing.

Head takes a break from thinking. She listens.

It is so rare to hear Heart belt out all her colors.

Head stops all chatter and enchantment with Herself.

Mouth open, she is suffused with Heart’s song of




and how they wind around

and fill up Head’s insides.

In an eyes-to-the-heavens moment, Head is full of




Amazement for everything on the journey--

The colors, the unfolding of shape and design.

How can anything be bad?

How can it be anything other than life unwinding perfectly?

These are the only thoughts that Head can think now.

And it is quite a good ride.


Qi Gong especially for the energy of this poem:


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