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Me Talking to Me

No caring

No attachment

Come into Now

You are fortunate to know this.

Bless others to know.

When the opportunity arrives to share this knowing, do so.

Otherwise silently bless the situation and let it go.

Trust that it will come around to truth.

Let it take its time. Divine timing.

You are looking for a friend,

a match in consciousness,

someone to save you.

Your soul will not let it happen

because you don’t want to be attached to someone.

And give away your power, your knowing.

So you,

Wise One that you are,

will not create that one person.

Instead, you find it in all persons.

All situations are your teacher, guide and path.

Come to peace with other’s ignorance, ego, unknowing, posturing.

Trust your mantra---



Qi Gong especially for the energy of this poem:


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