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When a match is made, yoga is played!

Each of the four characters demonstrates five yoga poses for a total of twenty poses.  Four wild cards represent the elements at play in Spring (Courage), Summer (Radiance), Autumn (Appreciation, and Winter (Stillness). 


Yoga Warrior cards are a collaborative creation by Shakta and her young friends: an 8-year-old creative director, and a 14-year-old gifted artist.



Cards include yoga instructions and benefits.  Instructions are included for playing Concentration, Go Fish, War/Peace, Runs and Sets, and Last Yogi Standing.  Total cards: 48 (24 doubles).



I wanted to share with you how much my boys LOVE your cards.  Jason here, calls them Star Wars cards.  He’s 3!” (add photo of boy playing with cards here)

Janine K.


“The boys on the Autism spectrum love these.  They ask for them every single yoga class and create stories with them. Surprisingly, the girls are quite enthusiastic about them too.”

Rachel F.


We recommend having these professionally printed. If you decide to print yourself, use white heavy cardstock (100 to 140 lbs).  For double-sided printing guide, check this article:

Yoga Warrior Cards

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