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Fun, Peaceful Meditations and Relaxations for Ages 3-8

Shakta Khalsa and Checka Antifonario


Checka and Shakta collaborated on this project with the intention that this audio album would be a lovely balance between communicating in a way that honors children’s depth and wisdom—and giving them tools that are fun and totally relevant to their lives and interests.  We think we did it!


A sampling of themes:

Peace in a Busy Place allows children to practice how they can respond in real-time to a busy environment.

Rainbow Walk takes young listeners on a journey through their energy centers (chakras) to foster feelings of joy and balance.

These are two of eight engaging tracks that children are sure to request before bed, in the morning, during the school day, in yoga, and as a relaxation.



“Shakta and Checka offer children and adolescents tools for awareness and meditation through guided relaxations.  These wonderful tracks would be ideal for parents and teachers to do with children; the concepts are universal and clear.  Both kids and adults can get something from the guided imagery—and I daresay, some adults could use a refresher in how to be their own best friend, which is one of the guided practices included in the albums!”

Wah, author, musician, record label owner, mother and one of the leaders of today’s World Music movement.

Rainbow Walk

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