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Get ready to love life, sing, and dance to some amazing music! Beloved South African performer, Tu Nokwe, and Radiant Child Yoga founder, Shakta Khalsa, met during a Radiant Child Yoga training in Johannesburg.  Tu invited Shakta as an honored guest in an out-of-this-world performance by Amajika, one of Tu Nokwe’s non-profit foundations. Shakta knew she had to find a way to offer this incredibly joyful music to the western world which is how Ma Africa--a respectful name for the people of African origin--came to be.


Amajika, which means “change” in Zulu, supports South African children from low socio-economic areas by giving them the opportunity to develop artistic talent, become leaders in their communities, and learn healthy living skills, such as yoga and meditation.  40% of the proceeds from the sale of Ma Africa are donated back to Amajika.

Ma Africa

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